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Social benefits can arise from sustainable decisions being made on a project and one such example from Gateway WA was through urban design. The Grand Gateway at the Tonkin Highway / Leach Highway interchange will be the first and last impressions of many people visiting the state. The urban design in this area, as well as throughout the Gateway WA project scope, was an important consideration for the Gateway WA project team.

Social benefits stem from sustainable decisions made so the aim of the overall design impact was to enhance social well-being by providing a more pleasant road user experience.

The Grand Gateway design incorporated uniquely Western Australian themes in ‘way-finding’ landmarks. Features representing ‘earth’, ‘sky’ and ‘landscape’ used modern hard landscaping materials to complement local and regional plants and soils for a low maintenance, high impact gateway.

The design will represent the Gateway WA project for years to come so it was important that the vision of the urban design was developed with a long-term social benefit in mind. This and other social benefits from Gateway WA will be enjoyed by road users, the wider community and visitors to the state.