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Project scope

Using innovative urban design, the Gateway WA project incorporated road and bridge improvements, local road modifications, facilities and connections for pedestrians and cyclists, noise walls, landscaping and the use of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) Technology.

As part of the Gateway WA project:
  • Tonkin Highway (between Great Eastern Highway and Roe Highway) was widened to six lanes
  • Leach Highway (between Orrong Road and the Perth Airport) was upgraded to an expressway standard
  • New grade separated interchanges were constructed at:
    • Tonkin Highway / Leach Highway

    • Tonkin Highway / Horrie Miller Drive / Kewdale Road
Leach Highway / Abernethy Road

    • Tonkin Highway / Dunreath Drive

  • Upgraded interchange at:
    • Tonkin Highway / Roe Highway

*A grade separated interchange is a vertically separated intersection that allows a major traffic movement to travel over or under a minor traffic movement.

  • An on-ramp was constructed at Abernethy Road to Tonkin Highway (southbound)
  • Improved pedestrian and cyclist facilities were installed
  • Local road improvements through the Kewdale Industrial Precinct were undertaken
  • The landscape was developed through urban design and public art

Click here to view the Gateway WA Project Map.


The Gateway WA project was divided into three zones – Northern, Southern and Western, that classified the major construction packages into their respective localities. Each zone had a dedicated project manager, design and construction team.

Improvements to local networks:

To support the upgrade of the regional road network a number of modifications to the local network were required including:

  • Upgrading the intersections of:
    • Abernethy Road / Noble Street (traffic signals)
    • Kewdale Road / Miles Road (traffic signals)
    • Kewdale Road / Abernethy Road
    • Kewdale Road / Fenton Street
    • Kewdale Road / Marchesi Street
  • Extending Bell Street to provide a direct connection between Miles Road and Orrong Road
  • Closing the existing driveway accesses on Leach Highway (between Orrong Road and Tonkin Highway)
  • Closing the intersections of:
    • Leach Highway / Belmont Avenue
  • Restricting access to left-in, left-out only at:
    • Abernethy Road / Glassford Road
    • Kewdale Road / Aitken Way
  • Restricting access to left-in only at:
    • Leach Highway / Miles Road
    • Leach Highway / Acton Avenue